The Health Insurance Marketplace

The Health Insurance Marketplace allows individuals to take control of their healthcare, and increases access to a primary care provider. Having access to a primary care provider decreases unnecessary and expensive emergency room and urgent care visits; as we all know healthcare is not inexpensive! However, the Affordable Care Act has reformed healthcare as we speak. Many individuals who did not have health insurance in the past now have health insurance to receive preventive care. Prevention IS THE KEY to limiting your potential risk of developing chronic diseases and/or cancer; PREVENTION=EARLY DETECTION=EARLY TREATMENT. So you have health insurance now what? 

STEP 1: You have health insurance use it! Many of us work hard everyday to balance work and life and forget to take care of ourselves. In order to balance work/life you have to take care of YOU!

STEP 2: Find a quality healthcare provider that wants to be your partner in YOUR healthcare.

STEP 3: Control your healthcare, as the patient YOU HAVE control over your healthcare

STEP 4: Prevention involves not only getting an annual physical exam even when you aren't sick, it also includes getting an annual eye exam, dental cleaning every 6 months, following the recommended preventive screening (mammogram, pap smear, colonoscopy, bone density scan, cholesterol testing, etc.).

STEP 5: It is okay to be afraid to see a provider, but you have to establish trust and open communication with them like any relationship. The Provider and Patient should work together for one cause= PATIENT-CENTERED CARE!

So how does it feel to take back your health now that you have health insurance?

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  1. I didn't know dental cleanings were every six months. I thought they were yearly, so thank you for informing me.


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